Smart Home Automation

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With Control4, effortlessly control your home's entertainment, lighting, security, and more through one intuitive interface. Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort of smart home automation, powered by Davidson AV Tech.
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Entertainment Powerhouse

Owning a Control4 entertainment system at home is like having the ultimate entertainment hub right at your fingertips. Imagine effortlessly adjusting the lights, sound, and your choice of entertainment—all from your phone or a sleek touchscreen panel. Whether it's hosting a game night with friends or enjoying your favorite TV series after a long day, Control4 paired with Davidson AV Tech makes it simple to create the perfect atmosphere. It's luxury living made easy.

Smart Lighting & Motorized Shades

Imagine starting your day with your Control4 system seamlessly managing your lighting and shades. As the morning sun peeks through, you effortlessly adjust the shades to let in just the right amount of light while dimming the bedroom lights to ease into the day.

Throughout the day, you can easily control the ambiance in each room with a tap on your phone or a sleek touchscreen panel. Whether it's brightening up the kitchen for breakfast or creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room for a movie night, your Control4 system makes it simple.

And when it's time to wind down, imagine activating the "Evening Relaxation" scene, instantly dimming the lights and lowering the shades to create a peaceful environment perfect for relaxation.

With Control4, managing your lighting and shades is effortless, enhancing every moment of your day with comfort and convenience.

Home Automation Projects

Climate, Security, Doorbells, & More

Add Climate, Security, and Doorbell Integration to your Smart Home Experience. Enjoy personalized comfort control, advanced security features for peace of mind, and seamless communication with visitors—all managed conveniently from a single platform. Enhance your home's functionality and convenience with these essential smart home components.

Our Projects

Explore our innovative projects and see how we bring ideas to life through our creative design and installation.

Simplified Control Of Everything

Introducing the HALO Remote for Control4, a groundbreaking device that redefines the way you interact with your smart home. Engineered with precision and elegance, the HALO Remote seamlessly integrates with Control4 systems, offering an intuitive and immersive control experience. With its sleek design and advanced capabilities, the HALO Remote puts the power of your entire home automation ecosystem right in the palm of your hand. From managing entertainment systems to controlling lighting, climate, and more, this revolutionary device empowers you to effortlessly command every aspect of your connected home with unparalleled simplicity and sophistication. Say hello to a new era of smart home control with the HALO Remote for Control4.
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